Bitcoin ETFs approval Set to Transform Market Dynamics

Bitcoin ETFs Approval
Bitcoin ETFs Approval

Cryptocurrency Milestone: Bitcoin ETFs Approval to Transform Market Dynamics

In a historic development, Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are set to begin trading, marking the culmination of an extensive approval process at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The impending launch has set off a flurry of speculation among experts, not only about the immediate impact on the market, but also about the potential of the spot ether ETF and the broader regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies.

Approval path:

After months of regulatory oversight, Bitcoin ETFs are expected to start trading as early as Thursday after the final registration statements take effect. The anticipation surrounding this approval set the stage for a broader discussion about what lies ahead in the crypto space.

Intrigues beyond approval:

The final weeks before the approval were eventful, prompting experts to consider the potential ramifications of the billion-dollar flows. The focus has shifted to considering whether the spot ether ETF will be the next disruptive development and how it could affect the regulatory framework for the entire crypto industry.

Expectations for tides:

Anthony Rousseau, Head of Brokerage Solutions at TradeStation, emphasizes the importance of tracking expected inflows within the first 24 to 48 hours. Projections range from substantial to record-breaking, with some experts predicting flows in the billions, an unprecedented performance in the ETF space. Rousseau also cautions against underestimating the long-term implications for the bitcoin market, given that financial institutions manage over $100 trillion in assets, some of which could be allocated to bitcoin within months.

Potential Volatility:

Stuart Barton, co-founder of Volatility Shares, expects some volatility in the coming days. While spot bitcoin ETFs are expected to track the underlying bitcoin, the sheer size of these ETFs could present challenges in managing significant new assets under management (AUM) in the first day or two of trading. If tens of billions of dollars are initially poured into these ETFs, it may be difficult for advisors to obtain the necessary amount of bitcoins.

Race to start:

Competition for spot bitcoin ETFs has intensified, with several applicants cutting fees in recent days. BlackRock and Ark Invest/21Shares are among the major players cutting fees, sparking debate over whether ultra-low fees still represent a viable business opportunity. Barton speculates that not all spot bitcoin ETFs may launch on the scheduled Thursday, with options ranging from a delayed launch to some ETFs never materializing.

Explore Ether ETFs on the horizon:

As attention shifts away from the approval of bitcoin ETFs, Nate Geraci, president of investment advisor The ETF Store, predicts a quick focus on spot ether ETFs. Big firms like Fidelity and BlackRock have filed for spot Ethereum ETFs in recent months, and the launch of ether futures ETFs a month earlier marked a significant milestone. Court decision in D.C. from the summer ruling in favor of Grayscale’s bid for a spot bitcoin ETF adds momentum to the potential approval of spot ether ETFs, making it difficult for the SEC to reject them without facing legal consequences.

The SEC’s stance on cryptocurrencies:

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, known for his critical stance on cryptocurrencies, has warned against the industry in the past. However, the recent approval of spot bitcoin ETFs seems to hinge on grayscale opinion. Coy Garrison, a partner at Steptoe and a former adviser to SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce, suggests that the role of the judiciary is crucial in reminding the SEC to operate within the limits of its statutory authority. The SEC’s stance on cryptocurrencies under Gensler can only change with a court challenge, reflecting the evolving dynamics of regulatory oversight in the crypto space.


The upcoming launch of Bitcoin ETFs is a major milestone in the crypto industry, opening the door to new possibilities and changing market dynamics. As pundits closely monitor the influx and potential volatility in the coming days, attention is already shifting to the prospect of spot ether ETFs and the broader implications for crypto-regulation. The evolving landscape underscores the importance of regulatory clarity and the industry’s ability to adapt to transformative developments, setting the stage for a dynamic future in the cryptocurrency world.

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