Happy Birthday my darling!



Happy Birthday my darling.

I remember that day as if it was yesterday when a friend of mine introduced me to you and I accepted you as my adopted daughter. Just a 3-year-old sapling with no idea about the world around it, lost in its own world, connected with thousands yet a secret. Over time, the more I came to know about you, the more my curiosity increased and I sometimes still think I don’t know you fully.

The father you were born to, was anonymous, yet he created history. For his own reasons, he let you go to be taken care of by everyone who wants to embrace you. Given how unique you are, who would not shelter you or help you grow? The day you came into my life, I decided to give you a home and help you grow. I did not have any examples to make people connect to you — you are so much one of a kind. I fought the whole society and made them accept you for what you are and made them understand your importance in my life, their lives. Through the years it took some time, but finally, you made yourself shine in this dark world. You faced hundreds of different problems, and faced them so bravely and never gave up.

For a couple of years, when you were kidnapped from me, I was scared to death that I lost you forever. Many people told me that I should consider you dead and I should move on but I never believed in them. I gathered all my resources and began my fight to have you back in our home, safe and sound. And like a ray of sunshine you came back to my life and that was the happiest day of my life. Since that day, I made it the purpose of my life to protect you, help you grow, and glow.

You gained your own popularity and made people fall in love with you everywhere you went. The battle is still not won. Now you are 13! You just entered your teenage which is a crucial age in anyone’s life to establish their own identity and importance, and you can no longer rest, not even intermittently. You have done something that no one has ever dared to do in the past. As time goes on, and as everyone realizes your ability, there will be more and more powerful and influential people to stop you, to kill you, or to scare your believers. By that time, I hope you will be strong and mature enough to face it and to continue supporting the common man, making him feel empowered and privileged.

My dear, no matter how much I write about you and your adventures today, you will always be your own knight in shining armor. You are at a stage where you don’t need to prove your worth and it is up to people to understand and evaluate it. In this harsh world, you have already made a name for yourself and made me proud as well.

The world needs you, it really needs you. It’s my honor today to call myself your introducer to my country and I wish you a very happy birthday my sweetheart, my bitcoin!



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