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Even though the world had its first crypto-asset back in the year 2009, India was new to the concept of digital money. Indians have money to spend and celebrate; to give and to receive. They believe that money should be welcomed, respected, earned, saved and grown. The Indian government has been so encouraging about savings that the government leads various saving schemes and policies for girl children, government officials, private organisation’s employees, ex-servicemen from Army, widowed women, retired employees, senior and super senior citizens.

But was this India ready for the big revolution? Was this India looking for buying bitcoin, or understanding the concept behind crypto and transferring the control of their money from RBI to their hand? Was this India craving to acquire bitcoin?

Well, a big no and a little yes. At large, until 2013, people were not too ready to invest in bitcoin. And when we say people we mean Indians. And when we mean digital asset, we largely mean bitcoin. Because hey, this little token was changing the game of the entire world’s finances.

But what about that small percentage of people who were ready to revolutionize the way India would do financing? This set of people were technologists who could see the problems that bitcoin could solve. The problems that continued to exist since, umm, eternity!

They were the investors and the budding youth of India who wanted to make themselves (and also other Indias) pro-crypto. They were, as we know today, the founders and co-founders of Unocoin — India’s first-ever crypto-asset and bitcoin trading and exchange platform.

The journey of how India became a pro-crypto country could entirely be synonymous with Unocoin’s effort to find itself, make itself, form itself, sustain itself and grow itself. Well, imagine those thousands and lakhs of Indians who wanted to start trading in bitcoin but lacked the confidence to do so. They were left with no choice to get delayed in their crypto investment journey until Unocoin was found.

It was back in 2013 (yes, almost four years later to the first mining of Bitcoin) that India got its first bitcoin trading and exchange platform. Made by Indians, made in India and made for Indians.

Well, this article could be titled as 8 glorious years of crypto in India, or Happy 8th-anniversary Unocoin! Being the pioneer was exciting but was very very risky too. Mr Abhinand, Mr Harish, Mr Sathvik and Mr Sunny had to face a lot and they all were so confident to do this for fellow Indians.

Here is the journey of Unocoin. But most importantly here is the journey of a typical Indian taxpayer, who has high hopes of making something more at the end of the month. And, frankly speaking, Unocoin attributes its success to the faith its customer endowed upon it.

  1. How did it all start? 15th December 2013 was the day when Unocoin was launched. This may sound like any other start-up launch, but wait! India got its first-ever bitcoin exchange platform! Imagine the first trader at Unocoin, who bought his/her first share of bitcoin. The first-ever Indian bitcoin buyer from an Indian exchange! Unocoin was creating history and adding special moments in people’s lives. And not just the first trader at Unocoin, every trader who did his/her first trading with Unocoin would have had their moments — big or small.
  2. One year down the road help Indians buy and sell crypto assets, Unocoin raised $250,000 from Bitcoin Opportunity Corp. It was 12th August 2014 when Unocoin created this history in the world of Indian crypto. You know what it means, right? It was a piece of good news not only for the Indias who had invested with Unocoin, but also for those who were a little sceptical around the digitisation of currency, but wanted to start their journey. This seemed promising. For Unocoin, its founders and its investors, it was all about maintaining the zeal and living up to the dream of every Indian trader.

3. Another year later, in April, Unocoin introduced a Systematic Investment Plan with an absolutely 0% fee. Imagine the first crypto trading platform, with no competitor then, no rival to compete with, and still doing the best. Well, Unocoin did not need to be the best. But they were. For the customer, it was catering in 2015, it knew the investment behaviour of a typical Indian. Since Indians were comfortable with the concept of Mutual Funds and SIP, they launched the in-house and one of the most amazing features of SBP, the Systematic Buying Plan. This made buying and selling of some of the most popular crypto assets simpler. And no Indian likes to pay more as a transaction fee or an additional delivery charge. Zero percentage fee for SBP was just what Indians wanted from their crypto exchange platform. Unocoin won hearts!

4. Who likes to be on their desktop when 2016 was all about smartphones and hey, the mobile applications. Hence, Unocoin launched the Bitcoin Mobile App on iOS and Android in November. Trading was not just cheap, but faster. When people find it difficult to look for the right piece of information between those numbers, graphs, pie charts, market trends, arrows and lines, Unocoin simplified the entire process of trading for India.

5. Days, weeks and years passed by and it was March 2017 when Unocoin launched UNODAX. UNODAX was a live order-book trading platform for its active traders. Simplifying its offerings, UNODAX enabled trading of various altcoins, supporting the growing ambition of highly active crypto traders with an extensive range of tools and functionalities. It also supported multiple crypto-assets and provided crypto trading enthusiasts with unlimited order validity and transparent order depth. Following a maker-taker fee model, it provided exclusive maker benefits. The maker fee was only 0.4%, while the taker fee was also reduced to 0.6%. UNODAX was accessible through a web portal, Android and iOS app.

6. Hey, it wasn’t as rosy as it looked. The clouds around crypto-assets had already started to form and it was a tough time for Unocoin. In April 2018, the RBI’s notification on ‘Prohibition on Dealing in Virtual Currencies’ was out which caused the banking relationships of Unocoin to disrupt. Not to forget, Unocoin had to go through a tough time and come out of this alone. Unocoin’s Co-founder, COO and Director BV, fought against the RBI in the Supreme Court and stood up for the rights of every Indian household that had entrusted Unocoin. Unocoin was formed to eradicate the problems of the traditional financial world and Harish stood up lawfully and confidently. This again was no less than a historical moment in Unocoin’s journey.

7. In April 2020, Supreme Court’s judgement for crypto arrived and all Indian crypto investors could not be made any happier. There was hope again in the eyes of Indians, people restored their faith in digital currencies, in Un
ocoin. Not just Indias, a lot of the investors and foreign companies saw a great potential to enter into the Indian market. This was a piece of global good news. But something more than the upliftment of the ban happened in April that made the Indians merrier. Unocoin introduced Instant Loans on its platform. This was one of the most innovative features that have ever been launched on any crypto exchange platform in India or the world. Lending and credit facilities had been traditionally offered by banks and financial institutions globally. The potential of crypto-assets laid untapped and unleveraged hugely. Unocoin saw a tremendous scope for credit creation by using crypto-assets as collateral to get a (USDT) loan.

8. Oct 2021, India’s first crypto exchange, Unocoin, raised funding from Tim Draper in Targeted US $5 million series A round. A hurray moment for not only all those who believed in Unocoin but also for those who would want to grow with Unocoin.

These eight years have been one of the most revolutionary and dynamic years of how Indians have started looking at money, investing in money, growing money and saving it. The risk appetite of an Indian crypto trader is more than what it was during independence or in the last decade. Thanks to the technological revolution that took place in the financial world and of course to Unocoin for taking the first step in making India crypto enabled nation. Love crypto coins. Love Unocoin.

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Love Crypto Coins. Love Unocoin.

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Crypto products are unregulated as of this date in India. They could be highly volatile. At Unocoin, we understand that there is a need to protect consumer interests as this form of trading and investment has risks that consumers may not be aware of. To ensure that consumers who deal in crypto products are not misled, they are advised to DYOR (Do Your Own Research).


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