Women of the bitcoin world

Women of the bitcoin world

We don’t need a primer on the significance of women in today’s world. But like it or not, the fairer sex has historically been underrepresented in the finance industry, and especially the tech industry. Fortunately, that is quickly changing. The bitcoin community is a massive one — it requires developers, executives, technicians, venture capitalists, influencers and so many more. So it’s no surprise to find some women making their mark in the world of digital currency as well. In this article, let’s talk about the top women in the bitcoin industry.

Blythe Masters

Source: CoinDesk

Blythe Masters has to be the first name to be mentioned when discussing bitcoins. She is a former top executive of JP Morgan and is a splendid economist. Masters is currently working as the CEO at Digital Assets Holdings, a blockchain based startup which specialises in blockchain related solutions for financial institutions. She is also currently an Advisory Member of the US Chamber of Digital Commerce. Apart from this, Masters is also the chairman of Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger project.

It is because of Blythe’s contributions that Fortune dubbed her the most powerful woman in the blockchain.

Elizabeth Rosiello

Rosiello is an Africa based self-described feminist, who is the founder and CEO of Nairobi based startup BitPesa. BitPesa focusses on providing quick, convenient and inexpensive transactions in bitcoins using mobile accounts. The company was only started 4 years ago, yet it has extended its presence to 6 countries already.

BitPesa’s use serves to remind us that the nature of currency is changing over time with blockchain, becoming more and more convenient.

Source: Blockchain.wtf

Perianne Boring

This powerful woman is the founder and CEO of Chamber of Digital Commerce, an American advocacy group which supports blockchain tech and the upcoming digital industry. Boring started the Chamber with the aim of promoting acceptance in digital assets. She is currently also running a blog named the Boring Bitcoin Report.

Source: 3pillerglobal

Tiffany Hayden

Source: Blockchain.wtf

Tiffany Hayden’s name figures in the list of top 100 most influential people in the blockchain. She is the co-founder of the website Casheer.net, which provides instant cross currency conversions. Hayden is also a political activist, and a member of Bitcoin GNO, an online portal where women interested in bitcoin share their views.

Cindy McAdam

Cindy McAdam is the general counsel and president at Xapo — one of the most popular and prominent bitcoin wallets. Xapo provides a cold storage vault and bitcoin debit card along with its bitcoin wallets. McAdam has also worked with other bitcoin wallets — Bling nation and Lemon Wallet. She focuses on security, legal and finance issues.

Source: Crunchbase

These were just a few names hogging the limelight. Of course, there are a number of intelligent and powerful women in the bitcoin world who are also making an impact. We look forward to more women entrepreneurs (and executives!) continuing to inspire us!

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