The 5 Most Influential People in Bitcoins

The five most influential people in bitcoins

While bitcoin is undoubtedly the most influential cryptocurrency out there, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say it owes at least some of its success to a few major figures, who’ve had their own varying degrees of influence on the cryptocurrency. Without them, bitcoin’s acceptance would likely have been delayed, we daresay. Of course, these people have made a fortune by investing in bitcoins as well. Let’s have a look at people who have been the most influential in bitcoins.

#1 — Satoshi Nakamoto

The first name is obviously Satoshi himself — the man behind our beloved coin. As we’ve detailed extensively in a previous post, no one knows who exactly this man is, or is it even his real name.

Years ago, Satoshi posted his groundbreaking research report on a cryptography mailing list. He came up with the idea of blockchain technology and was the first person to solve the problem of double spending. Ever since many people have claimed to be Satoshi. It is quite possible that Satoshi isn’t even a person but a company or a group of companies. This mystery might remain a mystery forever.

#2 — Winklevoss Twins

(Source: ABCNews)

Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss are the same twins who sued Mark Zuckerberg for stealing their idea of ConnectU (the Harvard social connection handle). The twins are internet entrepreneurs have turned their attention towards investments.

In 2013, they claimed to own about 1% of the total bitcoin supply at the time. This amounts to nearly $1 billion! It was in 2012 that they learned about bitcoins and in 2013, they bought 120,000 bitcoins in a go. They did not sell a single one and have still kept them safely in USBs.

#3 — Roger Ver

(Source: Coindesk)

Roger Ver man has been titled ‘Bitcoin Jesus.’ He can be called one of the most important people linked to bitcoins. Ver was the first one to start funding bitcoin startups. Seems like he (accurately) knew that bitcoin prices will increase leaps and bounds. He owns an organisation named Memorydealers, which in 2011 became the first firm to accept bitcoins as payment.

Ver believes that bitcoin is going to lead the world to economic freedom and as long as everything based on everyone’s mutual consent, it is the best technology.

#4 — Hal Finney

(Source: The Independent)

Hal Finney or Harold Thomas Finney was the person who received the very first bitcoin transaction from Satoshi Nakamoto. It is even believed that Hal was Satoshi, although he never accepted the claim. Hal used to work in a company called PGP Corporation and was one of those people who used to regularly post on the cryptography listserv where Satoshi first posted his research. He also performed certain bitcoin bug fixes in the early days. In his last days too, he kept on computing and working on a software named ‘bcflick’ to strengthen the security of the bitcoin wallet.

#5 — Adam Back

(Source: CoinDesk)

Adam has to his name inventions like decentralized mining, proof of work system and hashcash. These technologies are a part of the bitcoin system too. A cryptographer by profession, he is the CEO of Blockstream.

He has been a part of the development team who developed zero knowledge system, a forerunner of Tor. Adam is an active participant in bitcoin advancement and is seen providing his views on how to make the technology better.

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