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Unocoin turns 3 with #bitcoin!

Yes. It has been three years since the inception of Unocoin and yet, it is still a baby set to establish a holistic platform for #bitcoin economy in the country.

Unocoin has turned 3 successfully this december accomplishing over 1,00,000 user signups and wishfully extends these celebrations to the users with 0% transaction fee lasting till the end of the year 2016. You can now avoid market volatility and risk associated with #bitcoin prices using Unocoin’s unique SIP module as per your capacity & appetite.

Also start downloading the brand new Android and iOS applications from the stores to buy, use & accept #bitcoin on the go now.

Onboarding about 1500 merchant services to accept #bitcoin as a payment method, Unocoin looks forward for a much steeper adoption curve in India along the coming year with a much stronger ecosystem for #bitcoin users. Over the counter merchants can immediately start accepting #bitcoin payments via the #UnocoinMerchant POS application released on both Android and iOS platforms.

Special thank you to all those who made this journey possible!



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