How does the US economy impact the crypto industry?


Read on to understand the impact of the US economy on the crypto industry and how it fosters the creation of an open-source financial and technological infrastructure accessible to anybody with an internet connection.
The impact of the world’s largest economy on the thriving market of the crypto asset is becoming more dominant than ever. Crypto assets are unique because a central authority does not issue them.

How does the US economy impact the crypto industry?

The Growing Impact Of The US Economy On Crypto
The economy of the United States of America has significantly influenced the crypto assets, such as bitcoin. It has skyrocketed in value, hitting a market cap of $1.27 trillion, up from $9.13 Billion in just five years! According to polls, about forty million persons in the United States have invested in, traded, or used crypto assets. Monetary institutions in over a hundred countries are testing digital currencies, a digital representation of a country’s sovereign money.
We must retain technological leadership in this fast-paced, ever-changing industry, stimulating innovation while reducing risks to consumers, businesses, the economy, and thus the environment. It should also take the lead in foreign engagement while keeping with the democratic values of the USA.
President Biden signed an Official Order in May 2022, establishing the first-ever cross-government approach to managing the risks and reaping the benefits of digital assets and their underlying technologies.
This Order addresses client and capitalist protection, monetary stability, illicit finance, US leadership in the global economy and economic warfare, financial inclusion, and accountable innovation.
The impact of the Official Orders on crypto assets:
It’s the first time the White House has openly spoken out on crypto assets, and the tone of the directive is encouraging. It demonstrates the government’s willingness to embrace the up-and-coming blockchain and its underlying technology, which has piqued the interest of many investors. According to the Order’s information sheet, the United States “must retain technological leadership in this rapidly emerging field.”
The Order establishes a foundation for regulatory clarity. It is viewed as a balanced viewpoint on crypto assets in general, addressing both the benefits and drawbacks of cryptos.
Some of the world’s top crypto platforms, like Coinbase, are based in the United States, allowing buyers and sellers of crypto assets to perform transactions efficiently.
The recent development is thus beneficial not only to US crypto users but to all crypto fans because the regulatory framework of a nation with such a large crypto industry will influence the global crypto market. After Biden signed the executive Order, Bitcoin had risen by 9%.
Since its start in 2009, the implementation of Bitcoin has been highly evident to the general public. Due to its autonomy and ease, the new type of currency has become a popular and viable source of assets worldwide. Various crypto assets have been developed to serve as an alternative currency.
According to a report, as of January 2022, over 36.5 million people in the United States own or invest in currency. Bitcoin and other crypto-assets are appealing because they provide a more modern digital money. A third party does not manage transactions on these sites.
This allows for direct transactions between the buyer and the seller. Bitcoin has also been commended for its several benefits, such as low transaction fees and speedy processing. That explains why, in recent years, hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on new forms of cash. The blockchain technology that supports bitcoin has also reached the general public.
The Blockchain Effect
Many in the financial services sector refer to blockchain technology as distributed ledger technology. Some feel that blockchain will be more reliable than their present databases. With the rise of digital money and more than half of the world’s population possessing a smartphone, some predict blockchain technology may eventually supersede the banking industry’s traditional technology. This new financial technology collaboration might pave the door for widespread use of digital currency like crypto.
Other governments are also becoming more aware of crypto assets. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission of the United States concluded in 2015 that Bitcoin and other virtual currencies should be classified as commodities. According to experts, blockchain technology can be utilised for various purposes, including force chains, online voting, and crowdfunding.
JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) and other financial institutions are experimenting with blockchain technology to reduce transaction costs by streamlining the payment process.
Final Thoughts
Crypto rules in the United States vary significantly between states. And, despite regulatory action, or the lack thereof, in many countries, crypto defied regulatory restrictions regarding financial success in the digital currency sector. It has steadily risen for the previous decade, especially in recent months. The world digitises, and new digital assets threaten government-sponsored money; hence, many governments are becoming crypto-friendly.
The percentage of crypto wealth owned by investors in foreign nations, according to the bank, is an essential factor. According to Goldman Sachs, US consumers control nearly one-third of the worldwide crypto market’s $1.3 trillion market value. This suggests that the current market value fall is insignificant compared to the US family net worth, which was $150 trillion in the fourth quarter of 2021, thus showcasing the effect of the US economy on the crypto industry.
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