What Is Chainlink?


Chainlink is a network of Oracles like bridges between the blockchain and the real world. Blockchains cannot access real-world data securely by themselves. This is where Chainlink comes into play. It supplies secure, reliable real-world data to any blockchain that needs it, such as price action, weather reports, and any other real-world events.

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How does Chainlink work?

To allow its users to facilitate healthy communication with external data sources, Chainlink’s execution process is divided into three steps:

  1. Oracle selection

First, a service-level agreement (SLA) is drafted by Chainlink users that adhere to a set of desired data requirements. Then, the users are matched with Oracle, which provides them with their required data. Upon setting the parameters, the SLA and deposits are submitted with their LINK crypto product by the user, thus accepting bids from Oracle.

2. Data reporting

Oracle is connected with external sources, and they acquire real-world data. This is requested in the SLA. The Oracles’ processed data is sent back to contracts run on the Chainlink blockchain.

3. Result aggregation

The final step is to return the Data Oracles to an Aggregation Contract upon tallying its results. The validity of each response is assessed, and a score is finalised.

Features and benefits of Chainlink

Chainlink is mainly focused on serving smart contracts. The three purposes served by these Chainlink smart contracts are:

  1. Decentralise smart contracts

Decentralised Chainlink’s smart contracts increase information security and accuracy.

2. Working with external data

Even when out-of-line Oracles are chosen, they still deliver the requested data because of the previous agreement.

3. Aggregation

The aggregation contract collects all the data passed on by the off-chain Oracles. Then, it is averaged to produce an aggregate response.

How to buy Chainlink?

Now that you have sound knowledge about the world of Chainlink, you might be curious to invest in Chainlink yourself. Here is a way in which you can go about it.

Chainlink’s token, LINK, is designed to incentivize participants on the Chainlink network to provide data. Depending on the amount of Chainlink you will buy and at what Chainlink price, you can choose to store it on either a hardware wallet or a software wallet.

If you buy a small amount of LINK, then a software wallet like Exodus or Coinomi will do just fine. On the other hand, if you are planning on accumulating more significant amounts, it is much safer to store your Chainlink on a dedicated device.


  1. Is Chainlink a good investment?

Chainlink has secured itself a seat in the crypto space, with the demand for decentralised products skyrocketing. One of the hottest cryptos in the market is to buy Chainlink right now. It can be challenging for Chainlink prices to find stability sometimes. Despite this, LINK always manages to turn around its fortunes. So, Chainlink is indeed a decent investment.

2. Why is Chainlink so important?

As crypto products evolve, Chainlink has cemented itself as an essential part of the equation. Chainlink, as an oracle, explains the crypto product’s long-term stability and vitality. Comparisons like Chainlink vs bitcoin have become fruitless since both have such a stable reputation in the market. Thus, LINK might be a sound investment considering how close Chainlink is to becoming the industry standard.

3. Who owns Chainlink crypto?

Chainlink was founded back in 2017 by Sergey Nazarov and Steve Ellis. It entered the market as a bitcoin competitor. However, it soon started to gain as much popularity as bitcoin, ending the Chainlink vs Bitcoin ordeal. The company has grown a lot under the ownership of these two.

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