Want to create your crypto?


Here is how you can do it.

Have you found yourself exploring different ways to create your crypto assets for free? This blog will guide you to understand better how to create your crypto assets.

Today’s buzzwords in the modern business landscape include creating your crypto assets. The rise of Bitcoin and other crypto-assets has changed the face of accounting and the economy forever.

Want to create your crypto? Here is how you can do it.

Crypto Assets Creation

Creating crypto assets is an easy feat. Building your crypto assets involves several steps, including the computing technologies such as blockchain and cryptography, among several others.

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Know The Difference Between a Coin and a Token

Build Your Blockchain

The first step is to build a blockchain to create your crypto assets. Building a blockchain is one of the most in-demand skills in today’s computing landscape. Let us decode how to build a blockchain through some simple steps:

1. Determine a use case for your blockchain.

A good rule of thumb is to dedicate a single blockchain to solving one problem. Therefore the first stage is to identify a use-case for your blockchain that makes business sense. Popular solutions that a blockchain offers are:

  • Data authentication and verification
  • Smart asset management
  • Smart contracts

2. Identify an appropriate consensus mechanism.

There are several consensus mechanisms, such as

  • Proof of stake
  • Byzantine fault-tolerant
  • Deposit-based
  • Round Robin
  • Federated consensus

Depending on the chosen use case, you can determine the consensus mechanism appropriate to your system.

3. Choose a suitable platform.

There are many open-source and free blockchain platforms. Based upon the mechanism, you can choose the most suitable platform, such as:

  • BigChainDB
  • Credits
  • Elements Blockchain Platform

4. Design the nodes

  • Blocks of data are stored on Nodes, and these Nodes acts as a small server that continuously communicates with each other. Important factors to note are whether the nodes will be permission-based or permissionless systems.
  • Other factors to consider are the location of the nodes and the operating systems they will run.

5. Create a blockchain instance

After the launch of a blockchain, only some parameters can be altered. However, most of the parameters cannot be changed. Hence this is a very crucial step. It would help if you have well-planned configurations for the following:

  • Permissions
  • Asset issuance
  • Asset re-issuance
  • Key management
  • Parameters
  • Native assets
  • Block signatures
  • Handshaking

6. Create a User interface

At this stage, you can create an attractive user interface for your customers to make it easily accessible. You would need working knowledge of front-end programming languages (HTML, CSS), external databases (MySQL, MariaDB) and servers (Web servers, mail servers).

7. Adding more features

You can always add more distinguishing features to your blockchain that sets it apart from others. Some of the features you can add to your blockchain are:

  • AI
  • Bots
  • Biometric verification
  • IOT

Ways to Create a Crypto Asset

The methods to create your crypto assets are similar to creating a blockchain. Existing blockchains offer the means for creating a token.

Ethereum provides exceptional levels of trust due to its strong position in the market. The ERC-20 standard is used for tokens built on the Ethereum Network. The documentation and guides are well written and organised, making them easy to understand.

NEO blockchains are created to make an intelligent economy and use the NEP-5 standard. NEO’s advantage over Ethereum is the ability to use high-level programming languages such as python or java, making it easier to code and develop.

Coding might seem like a daunting task, and hence crypto assets creation platforms can help create a new crypto asset in minutes with nominal cost.

How to Create your Own Crypto Assets For Free

The answer to the question of how to create your crypto assets for free lies in these simple points:

  • Create your token name, symbol, decimal places and the number of tokens in circulation
  • Start an account in MetaMask
  • Code up the rules and regulations for the token
  • Recheck all your settings
  • Compile and run
  • Create and add your first token

Crypto assets are helping push an economy that is more secure, equitable and accessible for everyone. You can make your mark by being an active contributor and thereby help in creating a better world.


1. How do I start a new crypto asset?

A quick guide to starting your crypto-asset coin:

  • Choose a consensus mechanism
  • Pick a blockchain platform
  • Design the nodes for your network
  • Establish a blockchain internal architecture
  • Integrate the various APIs
  • Design the interface for the user
  • Make your crypto asset legal

2. How much does it cost to make your crypto assets?

The costs are based on the complexities and infrastructure required

3. Is it hard to create a crypto asset?

The brief answer is yes. Creating a crypto asset is a challenging and financially tasking process. However, with the advent of the crypto asset creation platform, the process has been simplified to a great extent.

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