List of Top Ten Crypto Products in India


Crypto products have increased demand as the global economy has shifted to the digital ecosystem. The market today is flooded with new crypto products. It has become hard for new investors to make the right investment decisions. Digital currencies are a thorny issue for nations as well. Crypto product is the new future and holds high potential for outstanding innovation in its field. This blog will cover the top 10 crypto products in the market.


The concept of crypto products emerged when bitcoin illustrated the peer-to-peer digital cash system. It was created for one of the most important reasons: to protect against security and make people capable of taking their money-related decisions.

After its inception, bitcoin saw wide acceptance. However, investors began to notice some defects in its privacy, speed, and proof-of-stake. This led to the development of alternative crypto products like Namecoin, Litecoin, and Swiftcoin in 2011. Ethereum, Ripple, Zcash, Litecoin, Monero, and Dash made it to the top 10 crypto products in 2021.

Crypto products have seen a rise in demand as the global economy shifts to the digital ecosystem. Crypto products are like any asset but designed to exchange digital information. It can also be called a virtualized version of an asset protected by cryptography. In the past few years, a range of crypto products has emerged. The market has recorded more than 7000 crypto products till today.

Countries like China, Singapore, Ecuador, Tunisia, Senegal, Venezuela, Sweden, Estonia have created their crypto products or are on their way to launching. They are making their path in daily utility; Starbucks accepts pay in digital currency. If it continues to grow and evolve, it will be a trillion-dollar industry in no time.

New businesses develop their new crypto products via ICO (Initial Coin offering), which serves as a virtual currency and is open to the public in trade for other crypto products. It has raised the potential benefits for startup projects.

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Let us look at India’s top 10 crypto products from the most preferred one based on the current market cap ranking. We will also be covering some of the pros and cons as per the risk involved.

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)

One of the first recognized crypto products, bitcoin, enabled value exchange in the digital realm by incorporating a decentralized protocol. Bitcoin was the first established crypto to achieve a global consensus run on a transaction ledger blockchain. It is highly reliable and is ranked first in the top 10 crypto products.

Critics often define bitcoin as a political, philosophical, and economic system in itself. It involves an array of stakeholders and technical features which are continuously updated. Some of the pros and cons of bitcoin are given below:


  • Facilitates faster international payments
  • Uses low transaction fees and settlement methods like SWIFT or ACH networks
  • Pristine collateral
  • Supports economic freedom
  • Easy to purchase


  • Slow transaction speed as its network can process only seven transactions per second
  • High transaction fees
  • Much energy is used to mine bitcoin

2. Ethereum (Ether)

Ethereum has quickly established itself as the second most valuable crypto product after bitcoin. Critics often point out that Ethereum holds the potential future as it is more than a digital currency. It has created an ecosystem of decentralized apps. Ether is the native crypto product used to perform all the transactions on Ethereum’s blockchain.


  • Smart contracts make it different from other top 10 crypto products.
  • It provides an excellent platform for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).
  • Fastest transaction rates in the market


  • It leads to network congestion.
  • Stiff competition from Cardano
  • Lack of multiple coding languages

3. Cardano(ADA)

It is the third most digitally advanced crypto product. It has proven to be a tough competition for Ethereum. It uses the most technologically advanced generation of blockchain, EOS and NEO, which makes it one of the top 10 crypto products in 2021. It was built by a global team and provided large-scale financial transactions.


  • Supported by a community of global researchers who contribute to blockchain development.
  • Highly scalable with a capacity of 257 transactions per second.
  • Multi-operative as it can interact with different crypto products.
  • Seamless infrastructure.
  • Exceptional growth rate with a market capitalization of $29,512,033,356.


  • Stiff competition from Ethereum
  • Lack of final products in the market.
  • Cardano’s price crashed in March 2018.

4. Bitcoin cash (BCH)

It is for those who do not like Segwit in bitcoin. Bitcoin cash forked itself from bitcoin in August 2017. It was changed on the argument regarding its code. It has successfully changed and marked the most popular Top 10 crypto products. The major update was in the form of scalability and transaction fees. It aims at operating a payment network and crypto products offering foremost transactions as a BCH token.

Bitcoin cash came up with replay and wipeout protection technology which safeguards investors from replay attacks. It is helpful for those users who have coins on more than one fork. It provides the coexistence of two chains, reducing disruption.


  • Faster transaction rate as block size increases to 8 MB.
  • Low transaction fees.
  • Multi-storage in various wallets, including mobile, desktop, hardware, and even paper wallets.
  • Flag of being a “truer” bitcoin


  • Criticized for low-end variants
  • Centralization of Bitcoin cash

5. Litecoin(LTC)

Even though Litecoin is built on the bitcoin platform, it is a much-improved version. Investors often call it the future of money. Its decentralized money, free from censorship and availability to all, makes it the most preferred crypto product exchange. Its TPS is higher than bitcoin, with a $7,468,622,287 cap on mined coins. Litecoin holds high potential for future demand.


  • Cheap transaction fees of around $0.179 per transaction.
  • Faster transaction rate of around 2.5 minutes.


  • Expensive
  • There is stiff competition from other coins regarding privacy, smart contracts, and foreign transactions.
  • It restricts the use of specialized, powerful hardware.
  • The downward trend since its crash in March 2018.


It is one of the most intriguing coins among India’s top 10 crypto products. It uses a new protocol invention named “Tangle” instead of the usual blockchain technology. Computing power in Tangle grows when more networks are added. We all know about the internet of things, which enables communication via sensors and the internet. It aims at providing the most secure, seamless, and scalable platform.

It is designed to process micro-payments and facilitate a machine-to-machine micro-economy. It functions through billions of transacting nodes. IOTA’s primary mission is to provide free transactions to service IoT devices. It wants the devices to transact for a fraction of a penny.


  • Zero transaction fees
  • Infinite scalability
  • highly successful as prices grew from $0.44 to $0.7425


  • Security problems with IOTA’s Tangle protocol
  • Risky and unpredictable

7. NEO

It is often referred to as Chinese ethereum as a Chinese crypto product. Initially, it was called Antshares. It is a highly convenient system of safe sharing of information and financial resources where any risk of tangible assets can be eliminated. The word is derived from the Matrix trilogy “Neo”, where a computer network uses people as an energy source. It aims at providing the same principle by using funds from electric wallets. It is one of the most established top 10 crypto products because of its outreach.

It functions on two tokens; NEO and neoGAS (GAS). NEO tokens are all pre-mined and hold a cap of 100 million tokens. Users utilize this token for block creation, network management, and consensus requirements. The GAS token fuels the NEO blockchain and acts as security.


  • Supports digital assets; assists the user to register, deliver and exchange products.
  • It provides legal protection for assets.
  • It eliminates the need to learn a programming language.
  • Superconducting trading offers the exchange of digitized assets and P2P currency.


  • Worst hit if the government takes action against the Chinese government.
  • Faces severe competition from EOS and Cardano

8. Stellar (XLM)

It is considered a new-age crypto product. It promises to be trustworthy and to give high returns. Investors have used stellar’s built-in decentralized exchange for crypto, forex, and securities. It provides the opportunity to create, send and trade digital representations of all forms of money, ranging from dollars, pesos, and bitcoin. It aims to provide a platform where all financial systems can work together.

Stellar has strategic partnerships with over 30 banks and organizations like Deloitte and IBM. It is focused on making cross-border payments as a non-profit organization.


  • Every transaction costs 0.00001 XLM.
  • Excellent network currency connection.
  • It provides power outreach to small companies like an international bank.
  • Highly decentralized than other crypto products.


  • Stiff competition
  • Trades off Decentralization

9. Ripple(XRP)

This has been one of the top-performing crypto products of 2021. It is an open payment network and a crypto product targeting international financial services. It is an open-source protocol that provides investors with several benefits. The operation in Ripple is conducted in two ways; XRP and IOU. XRP is the native currency and facilitates the transfer of money. At the same time, IOU highlights debt as well as any assets.

It allows customers to use XRP for sourcing liquidity in cross-border transactions at a lower exchange while defining the efficient use of capital. It provides an easy-to-use interface for new users. The only requirement is a crypto exchange and a wallet for storage. Some of the top crypto product exchanges are Unocoin — Crypto ka Super App, Binance, eToro, KuCoin, and Ploniex.


  • It reduces the cost of transactions by 60%.
  • Facilitates P2P purchases
  • High transaction speed 3–5 seconds
  • Partnership with a reputable financial institution


  • Centralized Entity
  • Not for essential consumers and retail
  • Ripple labs control most of the stakes.

10. EOS

It is one of the most potent crypto products and is called the “Ethereum Killer”. The EOS network runs this. It is a high-performance blockchain infrastructure that aims at providing a fast, cost-effective, and protective environment. It runs on a half-second black time, which is ultrafast compared to other blockchain platforms.

Commercial developers and financial institutions are often attracted to EOS to adopt blockchain technologies for large-scale use. It was designed to relieve the pain points faced by developers of blockchain applications like flexibility, speed, and scalability.


  • High-performance blockchain structure
  • Fast and cheap transaction
  • Implements consensus over events.
  • It supports multiple languages, unlike other crypto products.


  • Low awareness among investors as it was only launched in June 2018.


  • Which crypto has the best future?

A: Bitcoin rank number one in the top 10 crypto products. It aims to achieve the best market capitalization by the end of 2022. It is highly stable compared to other cryptos, which are highly unpredictable. They hold the potential to grow at high rates and, similarly, can fall too quickly. There are no safety standards, and high risk is involved. However, to invest in a prospect, Bitcoin is starting.

  • What is the most widely used crypto product?

A: Bitcoin is one of the most widely spread crypto products in the digital market. Its infrastructure is constantly growing, and interest is high. Bitcoin is one of the most secure currencies and is highly stable. It is user-friendly and creates a level of anonymity, applies lower fees, and is highly sustainable.

  • Which crypto will survive in the long run?

A: Digital currencies are highly risky and rewarding. Prospects are unpredictable, but to say, Bitcoin and Ethereum have high chances of making it in the long run. They are highly reliable and consistently updated with the latest technology.

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Crypto products are unregulated as of this date in India. They could be highly volatile. At Unocoin, we understand that there is a need to protect consumer interests as this form of trading and investment has risks that consumers may not be aware of. To ensure that consumers who deal in crypto products are not misled, they are advised to DYOR (Do Your Own Research).


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