Crypto Products’ Mutual Funds — Everything you need to know about them


Both mutual funds and crypto assets have become popular investment options in present times. However, given the benefits these investment options present, investors get confused when making an investment decision. It was why the concept of crypto assets mutual funds came into the picture. Keep reading the article below to learn more about crypto assets mutual funds and ETFs.

Crypto Products’ Mutual Funds — Everything you need to know about them

Trading in crypto assets has become a trend in the present times. These online assets are remodelling the digital world and offering everyone unprecedented and innovative types of potential. However, it might not be wrong to assume that the crypto assets market remains exceptionally volatile and variable.

On the other hand, mutual funds refer to an investment vehicle where a group of investors pool their funds to gain profits on their invested money over a set period. Also, this pool of funds usually gets handled by a professional known as a portfolio or funds manager.

In addition, when compared with crypto assets based on volatility, mutual funds are less volatile. Therefore, to make crypto assets investment effortless, crypto organizations began consolidating mutual funds and crypto assets features for a secure investment.

About Unocoin

Founded in 2013 as India’s leading company to trade in crypto assets, and prominently bitcoin, Unocoin is one of the most secure crypto trading and exchange platform to flourish as a global name in the realm of crypto assets. It presents a far-reaching trading platform with an interactive web portal and a recently developed easy-to-use mobile application to promote crypto exchange on the go.

What is crypto assets mutual funds?

Crypto assets mutual funds refer to Coin Sets that enables you to choose a collection of crypto assets as you invest in mutual funds like emerging coins, large-cap coins, and many more. These Coin Sets, founded by Mudrex, a US-headquartered Indian crypto asset manager, work similarly to mutual funds.

Moreover, these Coin Sets also hold a basket of the top five crypto-tokens known as NFT. In addition, Coin Sets is a logical expansion of the crypto space. In addition, after investing funds in large-cap crypto coins, investors remain intrigued to look for other cryptos for investment.

Why Choose Crypto Assets Mutual Funds?

The sole reason you must invest funds in crypto assets mutual funds and ETFs is it offers the advantages of mutual funds and crypto assets. Moreover, the most significant advantage of crypto assets mutual funds is that they present exposure to the crypto without the extra costs of ownership.

In addition, by investing funds in the best crypto assets mutual funds, you can diversify your money for better long-term growth.

Benefits of Investing in Crypto Assets ETFs

Crypto Assets ETFs refer to exchange-traded funds that pursue the cost of digital currency and sell on conventional market exchanges rather than crypto assets markets. They enable people to invest in crypto without moving through the trouble of employing a crypto assets exchange while implementing leverage to its cost. Mentioned hereunder are some benefits of investing funds in crypto assets ETFs.


Investing funds in crypto assets ETFs presents an advantage to the value of online funds without learning about how crypto works. Also, there is no need to sign up on a crypto exchange and take the risk of owning a digital currency.


Crypto assets ETFs can carry more than one asset. For instance, crypto product ETFs could include bitcoin, Facebook stocks, Apple stocks, and more — rendering investors the chance to decrease risk and expand their investment portfolio. Furthermore, by trading on a controlled market, crypto assets ETFs would present investors with the option to broaden their current investment portfolios.

Tax effectiveness

Given that crypto assets are uncontrolled and decentralized, various investment plans do not accept crypto assets purchases. On the other hand, crypto assets ETFs trading on traditional exchanges would likely remain regulated by the SEC and qualified for tax effectiveness.

Drawbacks of Crypto Assets ETFs

Mentioned hereunder are some drawbacks of investing funds in crypto assets ETFs.

High management fees

Crypto assets ETFs usually impose management charges for the assistance they render. Consequently, owning a significant volume of shares in crypto assets ETFs could point to high management expenses over time.

ETFs inaccuracy

While crypto assets ETFs pursue the value of an underlying asset, they can likewise hold various holdings to expand the portfolio. It implies that a 50% increase in the crypto value may not get perfectly displayed in the value of the exchange-traded funds due to additional holdings.

Hence, while a crypto assets ETFs presents leverage to crypto price, it might or might not be an accurate price tracker.

Lack of ownership

Crypto assets work as a protection against fiat currencies, central banks, and equities. By remaining self-governing of banks, crypto assets present a way to decrease risks likened to the monetary system.

Crypto assets additionally guard users and investors by providing privacy through blockchain technology that remains regulated by the government.

Limits to crypto assets trading

Crypto Assets ETFs would not remain acceptable to trade for other cryptos, except bitcoin. In addition, it gets identified as an investment capital that determines the crypto assets cost.

Final words

To summarise, we can say that modern crypto investors are enthusiastic about crypto assets mutual funds and look forward to investing funds in these mutual funds coin caps. However, before investing your money in these mutual funds, you must remain aware of all the rules regarding mutual funds and crypto assets ETFs for a secure investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best crypto assets ETFs?

ProShares Bitcoin is amongst the best crypto assets ETFs and mutual funds crypto assets that investors can contemplate investing their funds in 2022.

2. Can I buy bitcoin ETFs?

A bitcoin ETF imitates the cost of online currency, enabling investors to purchase the ETFs without buying bitcoin itself. Also, investing funds in bitcoin ETFs clears problems of complicated storage and security methods required for mutual funds crypto assets investors.

3. Which are the most reliable crypto assets funds?

While there are numerous reliable crypto assets funds in modern times, you should prefer investing in bitcoin, ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash to get the best returns on your investments.

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Crypto products are unregulated as of this date in India. They could be highly volatile. At Unocoin, we understand that there is a need to protect consumer interests as this form of trading and investment has risks that consumers may not be aware of. To ensure that consumers who deal in crypto products are not misled, they are advised to DYOR (Do Your Own Research).


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