How to earn bitcoin and other crypto product(s) without going through exchanges


Mining bitcoin and other crypto products have become much harder than it used to be. Bitcoin and other crypto products’ mining without investment is quite difficult, but it is still possible. We have listed the ways how to acquire free bitcoin and other crypto products without any investment.

Though many individuals are now familiar with the term crypto products, the idea behind it has still not reached mainstream knowledge. Even though we witness the popularization of bitcoin, there are still only a few that know how to use them and how to earn with them. As only some do know, the best way to earn bitcoin is through investing or mining.

How to earn bitcoin and other crypto product(s) without going through exchanges

However, it is possible to earn them as well without having to invest. Some of the easiest ways are given below:

Ways to earn bitcoin and other crypto products without investment:

  • Earn bitcoin and other crypto products from Airdrops — One of the easiest ways to bitcoin and other crypto products’ mining without investment is by claiming airdrops. This also allows a person to earn free crypto. To create brand awareness and recognition, airdrops are used as a type of marketing technique that helps attract new investors as well as users to back-chain start-ups.

The idea behind this is that bitcoin along with other crypto products are delivered to the bitcoin or crypto wallets of traders that are currently using crypto products. This trade is either done for free or as a payment form for a small promotional service. Airdrops are mainly used as an attempt to gain new followers and more users.

  • Earn bitcoin or other crypto products with Steemit — As some may understand, the concept of free crypto or free bitcoin is generally based upon the fact that you don’t pay for it. However, that doesn’t mean it is completely free. In exchange for bitcoin or any other crypto, a person will have to do something to earn it, for example, blogging. This is where Steemit comes in as a way for bitcoin mining or other crypto products mining without investment.

A person can earn free crypto based on the blogs they curate and publish on social media sites or blogging sites. The site comes with a free bitcoin/crypto wallet where the bitcoin or the crypto earned get stored as a form of reward.

Earn bitcoin against your blogging efforts

  • Earn bitcoin/crypto from bounty programs — As many of us know, the idea behind bounty hunters is a tale of time. Though some may not have seen it in real life, the knowledge about bounty hunting that movies have portrayed gives a person an idea about what the job is all about. The same can be applied to those who are looking for a free bitcoin, easy crypto or cash generator through the form of free crypto(bitcoin) mining without investment.

Bounty programs act as a way for individuals to earn crypto products by providing valuable information on highly wanted hackers. The more information they provide, the more they receive in their free bitcoin wallet or a personalised crypto wallet.

Earn crypto products by providing valuable information on highly wanted hackers

  • Start crypto mining to earn bitcoin(also other cryptos) — Through this form of crypto mining, it is possible to perform free crypto/bitcoin mining without investment. Though it takes time, by mining, a person can earn crypto products or bitcoin without having to pay any money for it. As a reward for completing blocks, those who start crypto or bitcoin mining receive cryptos or bitcoin as a reward added to the blockchain.

Blockchain is a server to stores information in a way that becomes impossible to change. It also acts as a free bitcoin wallet or free crypto wallet as well as an exchange platform for crypto products.

  • Earn bitcoin or earn crypto products as a Freelancer — Like any other job occupation, the crypto products’ world also offers freelance jobs and positions. This is mainly applied to individuals that are interested in the technical aspect of bitcoin. As payment, they are rewarded with bitcoin or other popular cryptos. As a free bitcoin/crypto or cash generator, this can be considered the easiest way to earn free bitcoin/crypto without investment.

However, this is mainly applicable to people who understand this field and can perform the bitcoin tasks provided either directly from clients or through freelance websites.

Freelance and earn bitcoin as payment

Though bitcoin works on a large global scale, not many are aware of it. Unocoin is an Indian based crypto company that has extended its hand to help increase the use of crypto products in the Indian economy. Be it through investment or without investment, the company has worked towards helping people buy and sell, trade, and even exchange bitcoin.


1. How can I get bitcoin for free?

Ans: Crypto products like bitcoin can be received for free as a way of payment for completing certain tasks. This can be achieved by visiting certain websites that pay with cryptos.

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Crypto products are unregulated as of this date in India. They could be highly volatile. At Unocoin, we understand that there is a need to protect consumer interests as this form of trading and investment has risks that consumers may not be aware of. To ensure that consumers who deal in crypto products are not misled, they are advised to DYOR (Do Your Own Research).


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