Unocoin has now started accepting INR deposit and withdrawal requests


Post verdict from the Supreme Court that slashed down the notice issued by RBI to banks on 06 April 06 2018, Unocoin is pleased to announce that it has started to accept INR deposit and withdrawal requests. Our bank account information for deposits have changed. Please make a note of our new bank account details on the page where the INR deposit request is created. Also, the customers are requested to update their bank account information if there are any changes to it. INR deposits are anticipated to happen in 2 working hours while the INR withdrawals would need one working day. We are now working on reducing these times with deeper integration to the banking system and providing instant deposits and withdrawals in the future.

While we anticipate a sudden surge in the need for customer service, we are in the process of ramping up our efforts and human resources. Customers are requested to co-operate while we come up to the mark in the next couple of weeks.

– Team Unocoin