$8 million home can be bought by Bitcoin!

$8 million home can be bought by Bitcoin!

Becoming crypto rich is becoming a fad. Ever since its introduction, cryptoasset has transformed our current perception of currency. Real estate is the newest industry embarking on this. Alan Ezier, an entrepreneur has put up his $8 million mansion for sale in bitcoin. He wants trendsetters to show the people how cryptoasset can be used like credit cards. Another big advantage being, it’s a peer-to-peer and does not involve unnecessary the intervention of middlemen.

Ezier said “I think blockchain technology is here to stay, and Bitcoin as an asset creates a new self-sustaining independent financial system. The reach of cryptoasset on a worldwide basis has given people more confidence in the asset. With its increase in popularity, it now reaches an audience that maybe wouldn’t have been interested a year ago.” He further adds, “Bitcoin has created new millionaires and billionaires, and is ripe for selling goods and services to those people. It’s no different than someone that just made 100 million on an IPO. Eventually, many products and services will have the option to be purchased with cryptoasset.”


His property is up on sale via a San Diego based Canter Companies, real estate agency. It’s a full-service investment firm that manages the life cycle of real estate and is involved in asset management. The company uniquely operates in two areas, real estate, and wealth management. While there’s a disconnect between these two segments, a unique management of both gives Canter Companies an edge over the others. By combining realtors and financial advisors under one roof, the company provides meaningful information and assistance to its customers in terms of asset management and wealth creation. CEO and Founder Andrew Canter says, “Our job is to make sure our clients are aware of emerging technologies and trends. After carefully studying this industry, it is clear that there is an entirely new class of wealthy individuals which are underserved and our mission will be to help bridge that gap between them and our real estate clients. This won’t be a one-time campaign. We’ll continue to research and implement different strategies to gain access.”


The company has put up two magnificent properties for sale in bitcoins. One of the properties at 6653 Neptune has been put up for sale for $11,800,000, which equals 1199 bitcoins. Another one, belonging to Alan Ezier, is located at 1257 Silverado in La Jolla and is priced at $7,995,000 812.4 in bitcoin.

These are not the first properties, to be listed for sale through bitcoin in San Diego. In November 2017, a 2.3-acre property was also up for sale with the owner preferring bitcoin payment as he felt that it offered a greater guarantee that buyer would actually make the complete payment for the house.

Some other platforms like bitcoinrealestate.com are also providing options to sellers to sell their properties using cryptoasset.

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