Litecoin: The Perfect example of peer-to-peer digital asset

Litecoin: The Perfect example of peer-to-peer digital asset

With the advent of blockchain tech, the traditional design of investments has become obsolete and dull. The global economy is overwhelmed by the twenty-first century’s technological revolution. Amidst all these phenomenal initiatives taken to obtain a radically transformed economy, not knowing about Litecoin is a fool’s errand.

The Rise

The year 2011 marked the initiation of Litecoin where it was introduced to the global audience for the first time. This network was formulated by a Google employee, Mr Charlie Lee. Gradually, the Litecoin market started seeing its fair share of good days and shot up to a 100% growth in 2013. In no time, Litecoin crossed the $1 billion line and established itself as an influential digital asset in the global marketplace. Today, there’s no looking back for Litecoin. Considering it’s speed, its efficiency in providing a secure platform, Litecoin stands out as one of the most preferred cryptoassets in use. No regulatory interference from the authoritative bodies stands as a barrier in the business conduction of the crypto. It ensures that the crypto-trading does not become a subject to the severe execution of law and that no governmental surveillance can work towards vindication of the smooth conduction of its business.

And Rise

Litecoin was introduced as an alternative asset to Bitcoin that would establish a promising environment for faster and safer transactions. It has kept its promises, and today, Litecoin is pivotal in providing nearly zero transaction costs, faster trading and a safer network. It takes a mere span of 2.5 minutes to add a block in Litecoin while that of Bitcoin takes nearly about 10 minutes. Today, it holds a capital of $8 billion dollars that has its roots delved deep into the digital economy.

Lately, Litecoin has been in headlines for a considerable period of time. This is mainly because of the fact that the estimated predictions of Litecoin shows a rise of its valuation. The crypto world is shadowed with the falling market prices. Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two most popular and influential cryptoassets have tumbled down over with a price drop. In this present situation, any affirmations of an uplifted cryptocurrency is a gift from above. Litecoin’s probable price upliftment will bring in a flourished market for the Crypto in future.

Since the crypto market is showcasing an increased state of volatility, it is a safer stance to invest in a digital asset that promises a fruitful year ahead. Built on a P2P networking system, Litecoin released the 0.15.1 version of its software in March, 2018. The coding language that has been presented is C++ and the OS that supports Litecoin are Windows, OS X, Linux and Android. A highly educated and experienced team of dexterous professionals have worked together to develop the new Linux version for a hassle-free user experience.

Experts are envisioning that Litecoin will end the year, 2018 with a whopping price of $600 dollars. If this turns to be true, Litecoin will surely rise above most other cryptoassets that are facing the downhill today.

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