Unodax introduces 5 new coins

Unodax introduces 5 new coins

Unodax, India’s leading Cryptoasset exchange and blockchain company has added 5 more coins. Unodax is now live with 22 major cryptoassets.

List of tokens introduced at Unodax exchange

  • Maker
  • Numeraire
  • TenX
  • Quantum Resistant Ledger
  • World Wide Asset Exchange

#1 MKR


Known as Maker Token (MKR), it is a cryptoasset deployed on Ethereum platform. It is used for stabilizing the price of DAI bond, and raising capital using loans. DAI is a decentralized stable token — pegged at $1. With total supply of 1 million tokens, the current market capitalization of the token is about $556 million.

#2 NMR


Numeraire (NMR) is a cryptoasset used in the novel auction mechanism. It makes overfitting economical. As Numeraire abstracts the financial data, the problems of overfitting and human biases can overcome. The total market capitalization is near $16 million with total supply of 2,349,328 tokens.

#3 PAY


TenX (PAY) is changing the world of travelling for all of us. You can use this cryptoasset anytime and anywhere. There is no conversion fees associated with it! It has a total supply of 205,218,256 tokens and a total market capitalization of $150 million currently.

#4 QRL


Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) is one of its kind cryptoasset — it protects the blockchain from conventional and quantum style attacks. Currently, it has a total market capitalization of $52 million with total supply of 65 million tokens.

#5 WAX


Known as World Asset eXchange (WAX), it provides a platform to any user for operating a marketplace at absolutely zero cost! These are the utility tokens that permit virtual goods which can be easily exchanged for cryptoasset. Total supply is capped at 1.85 billion tokens and the current market capitalization stands at $170 million.

  • All the market capitalization values given below are as of 15th May 2018 (and should be considered in approximation).

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