Stocks vs. Cryptoassets: A contrast in performance

Stocks vs. Cryptoassets: A contrast in performance

Still in the midst of traditional stocks? Or have you been considering options but looking for a strong opinion to help you through cryptoassets? Here we have something that could help you compare and contrast stocks and cryptoassets in performance. This comparative analysis is among the top performing stock markets and the top performing cryptoassets at the same period.

Looking at 2017, the cryptoassets left the stock world in the dust when it came to overall performance. The highest rise in stocks was observed in the Zimbabwe market which advanced by 117%. On the other hand, Ripple managed to make 28,963% gains during the same period.

Stocks vs Cryptoasset

In the past year, Ripple progressed fastest. It crossed Ethereum to become the second largest cryptoasset in the world, only after the giant itself, Bitcoin. Ripple began 2017 with a value of $0.0065 per token and ended the year with the value of the same token at $2.25. Well, Ripple wasn’t the only crypto to gain high last year.

Ethereum’s very own, Ether, rose by about 1,300% ending the year with outstanding gains. While Bitcoin rose by just under 500% from the start of 2017 to the start of 2018, many other small cryptoassets showed impressive results with major spikes in their prices.

Talking about the world of stocks, the less developed and still developing markets experienced the highest gains. Argentina, Kazakhstan and Mongolia showed the highest profits with 77.7%, 59.3% and 68.9% respectively. Yet, with all this growth, it is unarguably apparent that these profits are meager in front of cryptoassets. Also, with Brexit coming into form, the markets in Europe have taken a hit through all the seized trade opportunities. So, it looks less likely that the markets would Europe recover soon.

Plus, a major factor is that stock markets hold international barriers. As cryptos are unregulated and decentralised, They can be accessed and traded anywhere and from anywhere across the globe. This is in contrast to stock markets which are country-based. Also, unlike stock markets that have a fixed time duration for exchange, cryptoassets can be traded and transacted at any time of the day.

Yes, investing in cryptoassets is still very speculative and risky due to all the volatility and hacker-attacks, but it is no less risky than investing in stocks. Stocks show no less volatility when it comes to market jumps. Cryptoasset investments, on the other, show a major positivity with their much high returns as compared to stocks. Who knows, a single crypto-investment could turn your fortunes right, like it has already done for many.

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