Announcement: Now, 2 Unocoin apps for users — Unocoin Wallet & Unocoin Exchange!

2 Unocoin apps for users — Unocoin Wallet & Unocoin Exchange!

Always one to prioritise user experience and comfort over anything else, the Unocoin team is at it again. After a series of pro-user moves — from launching a multi crypto open order book exchange, then bringing it to the web, to the first ever case of cryptoasset bonuses on maker transactions — Unocoin has now made it even easier for users to trade (and store) their cryptoassets.

Starting today, Unocoin’s app will split into two:

  • The Unocoin Wallet — which will allow users to store their crypto assets, much like any other crypto wallet. It will also offer brokerage services, allowing you to buy and sell your crypto assets using the classic Unocoin brokerage platform.
  • The Unocoin Exchange — which will now cater to users looking to trade their cryptoassets on its open order book exchange. The exchange supports all the most popular crypto assets:
    – Good old Bitcoin.
    – It’s popular offshoot — Bitcoin Cash.
    – Rising star Ethereum (Getting started on Ethereum? Here’s all you need to know!)
    – Ripple
    – Litecoin, and
    – Bitcoin Gold

No Change To User Data

This migration is being performed without any hiccups to users. With both apps and services running on the same Unocoin backend servers, users will retain their login credentials and transaction history across the apps post the split. For you — the user, nothing changes — except for the fact that you now get distinct apps that run faster and better.

Moving forward, the Unocoin Wallet can be used to store your crypto assets, and to buy or sell them from Unocoin’s accompanying brokerage services. If you’d like to indulge in traditional trading (and explore beyond Bitcoin while you’re at it)- the Unocoin Exchange is at your service, with its low taker fees (0.6%), and — as we covered previously — a Bitcoin bonus (0.3%) on all your maker transactions.

Download the Unocoin Wallet app here, (iOS)and the Unocoin Exchange app here (Android), (iOS).

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