Unocoin’s Multi Crypto Asset Exchange Comes To The Web


You shouldn’t have to hunt for your smartphone every time you want to trade cryptoassets anymore. Or squint and strain your eyes monitoring crypto market trends on a smartphone for hours altogether. At Unocoin, we place our users first. That’s why, we are now bringing a Web version of the Unocoin exchange to you after launching our app based exchange last month.

With the Unocoin Exchange web launch, you can use any device — PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone to login to your Unocoin account and start trading cryptoassets! Your account is synced across all devices so you can catch up on your trades in real time.

Buy multiple crypto assets

There are more than a thousand different cryptoassets. But not all of them are success stories — most are not. We still want you to have the widest range of choice in the best crypto trades/investments — and the freedom to pick the ones you like — and that’s how Unocoin’s multi crypto exchange came to be.

We’re bringing trading to the hottest six cryptoassets in the industry right now, on the Unocoin app as well as online!

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • LiteCoin
  • Bitcoin Gold

You can buy or sell these cryptoassets as well as transfer cryptoassets into and out of your Unocoin exchange wallet, all within the app or web platform.

Trade like a pro!

What’s more, Unocoin is not just a service where you can only buy or sell cryptoassets. Now, Unocoin is an exchange for cryptoassets where you can trade cryptoassets, like you trade stocks online. What does this mean you ask?

This means buy and sell prices are set by users, you set them, and you can see all the orders in the order book. You can place two types of orders

Market orders — Orders where you just accept the price buyers and sellers ask while you sell or buy cryptoassets. It’s called buying or selling at the market price.

Limit orders — Orders where you set a price at which you want to buy or sell your cryptoasset. You are not accepting the price offered by buyers and sellers and you are offering your own price. These orders will be fulfilled when someone accepts your terms.

You can see all of the limit order information in real time from the order book. You can use this info to trade effectively, for example, buy when you see a strong bullish trend (lots of buy orders and price rise) and vice versa. Thus, as an exchange, Unocoin is ideal for crypto traders.

Free Bitcoins for every trade!

You can trade cryptoassets on Unocoin at one of the lowest fees you’ll find on any platform. Also, in a first of its kind offer on any exchange, Unocoin actually pays ‘trade makers’ for every successful trade! Surprised? Wonder who a ‘trade maker’ is? Don’t worry, we’re not going to keep you wondering. Here are the answers for all the burning questions you have.

You are a trade maker if you place ‘limit orders’ on an exchange. As we saw earlier, Limit orders are pending orders waiting to be fulfilled. It adds to the the number of trades waiting to happen on the exchange and keeps the exchange functioning and active. In other words, Limit orders add liquidity to a market/exchange.

Unocoin is probably the first exchange to reward users who are makers, that is, those that add liquidity to the platform.

  • You’ll get paid 0.3% of the trade amount in Bitcoins for every successful trade where you are the maker. For example, if you’re selling Bitcoin for one lakh rupees, you get 300 rupees in Bitcoin (fiat to Bitcoin conversion is based on Last Traded Price (LTP) at the time). You can set either buy or sell limit orders.
  • Fees on market orders is a flat 0.6%.

Start trading now

Unocoin launches its exchange platform to web users.

Now Unocoin users can start trading their favourite crypto assets from web. Experience it now! Simpler, Faster and User-friendly.

Unocoin makes crypto trading simple. Download the Unocoin app, verify your identity online, load money via net banking, mobile banking, UPI or a number of wallets and start trading immediately! What are you waiting for? Download the Unocoin app here Android | iOS.

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