Katy Perry is learning about Bitcoin from Warren Buffett

The famous singer shared a post referencing cryptocurrencies.

Popular American pop singer and songwriter Katy Perry shared a picture of her seated beside famed investing legend Warren Buffett on her Twitter and Instagram accounts with the caption “nbd (no big deal) asking Warren Buffett his thoughts on cryptocurrency” in November (2017).

Pop singer Katy Perry pictured with investing legend Warren Buffett. (Source: Instagram)

The singer sent out the picture to her massive fan base on social media. With a strong Twitter following of 110 million and an Instagram following of over 68 million people, the post garnered nearly 250 thousand likes on instagram as the Bitcoin community and cryptocurrency enthusiasts went agog over the celebrity’s post on cryptocurrency.

Given Perry’s wide and young fan base coupled with her celebrity status, there can be no doubt her post would bring a wave of awareness among fans who’ve never heard of Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies before. Publicity by celebrities is also much more effective than other awareness campaigns because fans seek to emulate their idols and the message gets across to a wide section of the general population.

Fans and cryptocurrency enthusiasts encouraged the singer to learn more about cryptocurrencies from experts on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

In comments, Bitcoin enthusiasts encouraged Katy Perry to learn more about cryptocurrencies from other sources too and some congratulated her on her interest in cryptocurrencies, while some verified accounts of Bitcoin exchanges and portals offered to help Katy Perry learn more about cryptocurrencies.

Leading Bitcoin news portal Coindesk in response to Katy Perry’s cryptocurrency post. (Source: Twitter)

Though Warren Buffett has expressed his reservations on cryptocurrencies and has warned investors against investing in Bitcoin in the past, after Bitcoin’s meteoric rise to over $20,000, investors are flocking to buy Bitcoin.

Celebrities and famous personalities across industries started expressing their views on cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin assumed central stage for being the best performing asset last year. Exchanges are also vying with each other to launch Bitcoin indexed funds, evidenced by the launch of Bitcoin futures trading by CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) and CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) by the end of last year (2017).

Bitcoin is now bigger than Warren Buffett’s investment firm Berkshire Hathaway and has a market cap that exceeds New Zealand’s GDP. Much more interesting developments like Lightning network are on the anvil, buoying investor sentiment.

Though it remains to be seen what the future holds for Bitcoin, one thing is for sure — it has never been more exciting for Bitcoin and the larger domain of cryptocurrencies.

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