Beware of fraudulent activity in the name of “Unocoin”

Beware of fraudulent activity in the name of Unocoin

It has come to our attention that some people are impersonating “Unocoin” and are accounting for a variety of fraudulent activities either misleading or siphoning the funds of our customers on internet & social media.

Below are a couple of recent cases identified by our team:

  • Unocoin is claimed as a “Training centre for Internet Marketing for Online Businesses”.

(We are not a training centre per se. Unocoin is a bitcoin trading platform enabling buying/selling of bitcoin along with merchant services.)

  • Unocoin’s bank account details are misused by asking people to deposit into our official account claiming to provide iPhone-6 at discounted prices.

(Unocoin never accepts or encourages users to deposit/transfer money to our official accounts without proper transaction referencing.)

  • Collecting credentials & identity documentation of friends on behalf of Unocoin and involving in money laundering or any other fraudulent activities.

(Unocoin profile verifications are backed on the fact of integrity of user mobile number as per Aadhaar Card. Please ensure that you never share the Aadhaar based OTPs with unknown third party requests.)

Please remain cautious and alert while interacting on any platform or communicating your sensitive information on any medium.

Things you should mind to secure your funds:

  1. NEVER share your account credentials or OTP numbers with anyone (including Unocoin customer support).
  2. NEVER share your identity and address documentation proofs with anyone who is potentially capable of stealing your identity.
  3. Enable 2 Factor Authentication using Google Authenticator to minimise the risk of compromising your account to hackers.
  4. Unocoin supports fund deposits only via registered bank accounts and by registered users. Do not transfer/deposit funds to Unocoin bank account from unregistered accounts.
  5. Do not fall for false claims about Unocoin on any social media platform. Unocoin is a bitcoin trading platform enabling buying/selling bitcoin in India and we do not deal with any sales.
  6. Always ensure you are on the correct URL ( with proper “https” certificate, before logging into your Unocoin account to avoid phishing attacks.
  7. Double cross-check the receiving bitcoin addresses after pasting from clipboard while sending bitcoin from your Unocoin wallet.


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