Mandatory Action Required !


Post patching the Heartbleed vulnerability bug as mentioned in our previous news post on the day before yesterday, today we have re-keyed our SSL certificates. Incase if you are not seeing the green browser bar, you will have to clear your cache and try again.

As the last phase of rolling out the patch and securing our server and services, we have reset all the passwords on our server end and we do require the same thing to be done by you as well. We have disabled the passwords of all customer accounts and the customers are needed to reset their password before logging in. To reset your password please enter your email id in the login form and hit the “?” button at the end of password text box and follow the steps. Although we have not really reset your secondary passwords it is advised that you disable it and re-enable it. As we need all customers to change their passwords, we have taken this opportunity to store the passwords in a more secure way than we were storing.

Thank you