Newsletter – Action required and some announcements


Here are a couple of important announcements from Unocoin:

1. ACTION REQUIRED: As a part of Security patch applied to heartbleed vulnerability, we require all users to change their passwords (mandatory). When you are about to login you get a prompt to reset your password and follow the instructions. More info

2. Invoices and acknowledgements for financial year 2013-14: Invoices for bitcoin purchases and acknowledgements for bitcoin sales, bitcoin holdings and total service tax paid will be printed and posted/couriered to individual customers to help customers with their accounting needs. We will be calling every customer on their registered mobile number and will be confirming that they wish to receive these accounting sheets before we print and courier them. You can expect the calls between this week and next week.

Here is an exciting surprise gift to customers who have bought or sold more than 1 BTC in the financial year – A physical bitcoin by CoinMonk that holds 0.01 BTC. As long as your Buy+Sell crosses 1 BTC you are eligible for the gift and it will be shipping along with your accounting documents 🙂

This is a great and sweet way to introduce someone to bitcoins. The product comes with a bitcoin wallet (paper wallet) of its own along with introduction to bitcoin and its advantages in a leaflet nicely packaged that is surely giftable.

3. Coming soon – merchant gateway: An easy and simple way for any online merchant to accept bitcoin as a payment is under development. This page gives you a brief glimpse of what you can expect when this module goes live! Expect this to be in action by the end of May 2014. More info

4. Accepting testimonials: Unocoin is accepting testimonials from customers who have done successful transactions. We prefer the testimonial to be with in 2 or 3 sentences. We will be displaying it on the Unocoin website. You can send your testimonial if you are willing to contribute one to [email protected]