Unocoin Campaigns – buy and sell BIG


Unocoin Campaigns are there to connect bitcoin buyers and sellers. These campaigns are meant for large bitcoin buy and sell orders else they can be bought and sold on normal buy/sell service directly for small orders. When ever a verified user approaches us to offer his order on a campaign, we will not accept the order directly but instead create a campaign for him which will be visible to registered users. When the counter party approaches us that they want to participate in a perticular campaign, we make sure they are a verified user as well and facilitate the trade. To put it in simple words, campaigning is like escrow service where the second party will never be known to the first party and is also unknown to us till they turn up themselves. To list a campaign, you wont be able to do it directly through your account and you need to call us and discuss with us about your plans. To participate in the campaign as well, you need to call us and inform the campaign id before you fund your unocoin wallet or our bank account. The good thing about campaigns is that, it runs on fixed prices. From the first party we accept to list the campain while agreeing to a fixed price as decided by the first party. We will add a small commission(that includes the transaction fee and service tax) and again offer that in campaign here for a fixed price. The price for a perticular campaign never gets changed. The phone numbers to call to get a campaign listed or to participate in the campaign are provided on the campaigns page that is accessible after the user logs in.