Unocoin partners with Purse.IO to convert Amazon gift cards to rupees




Purse and Unocoin can help translate Amazon gift card balances to bitcoin and Rupees. Work on HITs to earn Amazon credit and then turn gift card balances into bitcoin and Rupees. Mechanical Turk is a marketplace that connects individuals who perform tasks in exchange for Amazon credit.

There are certain tasks which can be carried out much faster by humans than computers. Mechanical Turk is Artificial Intelligence for outsourcing some parts of a computer program to humans. It is a great system, but cash out options are limited.

Over 80% of Mechanical Turks live outside the US where direct deposit is not an option. There are 2 cash out options on Mechanical Turk:

  1. USD check in the mail
  2. Instant Amazon Gift Card Balance

Through Purse, Turkers can exchange Amazon gift card balances for bitcoin in 2 days. Through Unocoin, Turkers can sell their bitcoins and get Rupees to their bank account. Register now with

Here is an example of how it works