Discontinuation of BAI donation collection


Unocoin has been collecting donations for BAI since Unocoin restarted its operations on 8th of Jan 2014. Since the start of January, there has been many developments in the organization structure and creation of governance charter for BAI. As the process is taking longer time than expected, Unocoin had to stop accepting donations for BAI from today 5th of Feb 2014 till further notice. Regarding the donations we have collected till today, it is near to impractical and time consuming to collect all the customer’s account number and refund the donations where many of them are single digit amounts while the number of customers is in couple of hundreds. So CoinMonk Ventures Private Limited has decided to donate the same to a charity possibly the one which may be inclined towards research and innovation. The total amount donated will also include the 0.5% that Unocoin has promised to donate from its profits for every successful trade on Unocoin. More details regarding the total amount, name of charity and an update on the payment will follow once we finalize our accounts of BAI donation collection till now which could take us a couple of days. If you have a suggestion for us regarding to which charity we need to donate, please let us know through Contact Us form or by emailing us. We hope you appreciate our step regarding the same.