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What To Do When The Market Is Bearish?

The crypto asset market has been experiencing a bearish run over the past few months. It has resulted in many investors losing their money. There are many reasons behind this sudden downfall. This article covers the causes and insights into the current crypto market crash.

What To Do When The Market Is Bearish?

The Recent Crypto Market Crash

The world’s largest crypto asset, Bitcoin, fell as low as $28,970 on 30th May 2022. This is almost -43% since its highest of $50,822 last December. Total bitcoin market capitalization has gone below its lowest level in ten months. The global market worth has gone down to $1.41 trillion. Since there is no inherent, intrinsic way of measuring the actual cost or value of the crypto asset, cryptos were priced depending on the transient demand and supply for many months. The crypto market is on a bearish trajectory also due to fear of recession in the time to come.

Crypto assets have been around since 2009 but only recently have they become mainstream. In 2017 alone, the price of Bitcoin in the crypto market had grown to over 1300%. It means that the number of people investing in cryptos has increased exponentially. However, this increase in popularity has led to many investors getting into cryptos without knowing what they’re doing. They don’t know how to buy, store, or even understand the technology behind cryptos.

The Strategy

The bitcoin price has crashed by 32% from its highest on 5th May 2022 to its lowest on 12th May in only one week. It is a considerable fall, and many people wonder what caused this sudden drop. Is it possible that the crypto market crash was planned? Was it a deliberate move by the government to bring down the value of crypto assets? Or could it have been a glitch in the systems working on this? What can be done in this case?

The Crypto Market Downslide

The crypto asset market has seen a massive sell-off in the past few days. The considerable drop is a global phenomenon primarily attributed to recent developments in the macro-environment, such as increasing inflation, rising interest rates by the Federal Reserve, and the Russia-Ukraine war. The most intriguing part here is that the crypto markets mirror traditional financial markets. Both are seeing a correction, which is a good sign. It signifies that the crypto markets are achieving maturity. Like other markets, we can witness crypto going through a bear and bull run, and at present, it’s majorly in the bearish phase.

Reason for Crypto Market Crash

Some of the major factors driving the current sell-off of crypto assets


Experts at Unocoin say that diversification is a strategy where investors spread their money out across different types of assets. Instead of putting all of your money into just one type of asset, it is always advisable to invest in different kinds of assets. It may include stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, and more.

If you are patient enough, your investment will give you good returns. Some people believe that now would be an excellent time to get into crypto mining or investing. However, many people believe that the price of Bitcoin and other crypto assets will continue to rise over time. There’s no doubt that some crypto assets will continue to grow in value. However, others will fall out of favour until their technology becomes better known. Some analysts believe that the crypto market could still experience a recovery despite these challenges.

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