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Blockland Cleveland: Open for business

Blockland Cleveland: Open for business

The Blockland Cleveland initiative is a 300-strong volunteer collaboration comprised of developers, business leaders, government representatives, entrepreneurs, philanthropic organizations and universities. They are working together to establish Cleveland as a significant technology center by being a leader in blockchain solutions. Their goal is to massively grow employment that benefits the entire Cleveland community.


Focus areas:

Focused towards building a blockchain based business environment, Blockland cleveland is hosting the Blockland Solutions Conference which is held between December 1st and December 4th. This 4 day event focuses on higher education, government, industry, philanthropy and the community. The event features more than 130 speakers and over 1500 attendees. It’s a grassroots effort spearheaded by Blockland, a community-wide movement to establish a blockchain ecosystem in Cleveland, and put the region at the forefront of blockchain thought leadership.

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