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Netki – A personalized memorable wallet name for your bitcoin address

A common criticism of cryptocurrency is that wallet addresses are long strings of random numbers and letters, which make crypto inconvenient for the average person. Although this problem has been somewhat circumvented through the use of QR codes, Netki’s Wallet Name Service could make the process simpler by only requiring that people memorize a name linked to their public addresses.

Netki the address consisting of numbers and digits to a human readable address like the change from numeric IP addresses to domain names.

The transition from numeric IP addresses such as to easy to remember domain names like, was a key shift that helped move the Internet toward mainstream adoption. Building on this principle, Netki’s service works by linking users’ 32-character wallet addresses to shortened, easy-to-remember Wallet Names — translating a simple name such as into a wallet address like 3CpLXM15vjULK3ZPGUTDMUcGATGR9xGitv, using a combination of Domain Name Servers (DNS) and decentralized Blockchain technology.


PRIVACY: Provides a layer of identity separation from public blockchain data.

SECURITY: Multiple validations ensure you stay in control of your data.


No more cumbersome and confusing wallet addresses

A Wallet Name is easy to remember, easy to share, and easy to use

Humans know each other by name not by computer code


CREATE: Once you login to your Unocoin account, you can visit the Account settings page and click on “Enable Netki” button and claim a wallet name of your wish. A new bitcoin address will get generated and will be associated with this Netki wallet name.

VERIFY: Once you create a Netki wallet name, wait for at least 1 hour and visit to verify your Netki wallet name.

SHARE: Once your Netki wallet name is verified, you can Share it with your friends and they will be able to send you bitcoin from Unocoin or another Netki enabled service providers, like Coinbase just by using your Netki wallet name. Now your cypto life is simpler !

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